Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 12

Bought flowers this morning for my boss's boss because she had to euthanize her cat, Willow, yesterday. She was pretty upset. She says that she loves animals so much that she doesn't even eat them. She said that they gave Willow tons of pain killers, and Willow seemed like she was better. She said the hardest part was wondering if it was too soon to make the call to euthanize her. That's probably the best reason to not get a pet.

Speaking of pets. The people on our floor with a patio are quite young looking and have two dogs. They look my age, if not a year or two or three older, but these patio apartments must be excessively priced. Like, I've never even seen these people in the hallways or elevators. And they're home at 7:30 on their patio. (Their patio is at least as big as our bedroom.) What the hell?!
Dinner in an hour for our monthly dinner at Kajitsu. Corn soup!

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