Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 13

Today I mailed our keys from our old place to our landlady. It's a bit sad. This afternoon was gorgeous out. I would've loved to have had a porch to rock on. Wee said that she was outside today in the backyard, rocking out on our old rockers.

Dom came home today. We both didn't know that Wee was in the backyard until she said that she was. I tried setting up something funny:

Me to Wee:

4:05 PM me: dom is wondering where everyone is
4:06 PM Lisa: Oh hes home? I was reading and rocking in the backyard
me: you should try to scare himlike make agonizing cat noises

Me to Dom:
4:06 PM me: dom

lisa's in the backyard
you should try to scare her
like make agonizing cat noises
4:07 PM Dominic: Meeeooow
me: not to me!

It was hopeless. I thought it'd be funny if they managed to scare each other. (Wee would be worried about why the cat was making a weird sound and/or Dom would worry about being mauled by one of the cats because she's cat-angry.) It's fun being the big sister though even if all my hopes and dreams for my younger siblings don't always work out. Reow!
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