Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 33

Work was thankfully slow today. I actually had a fun time on Google+ playing Angry Birds during lunch. I got up to level 1-20 and got to brag a few times to my brother and Sam when I beat their scores. I wanted to play CityVille, but I kept getting an error #5 or something like that. I beat two games of Flood It too. By the way, you can't play Google games on a tablet yet as far as I can tell.

After work I went to get our mailbox key made. $2.50! Pricey!

Then I passed by Casellula where I saw Charleen and Ian. It was really nice running into them! Jon and I had dinner at Danji: tofu, sliders, tartar, fried chicken, and sablefish. Mmm. . . .

The Hour!
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