Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 29

This morning on my way to work a bum kind of assaulted me and then kind of stalked me. But, because I wear flat shoes, I was able to jaywalk quickly and lose him without being run over. Is "Hey, watch your back" the new way to say "Excuse me"?

On my way home, I saw a black car/SUV caravan: there were suits in the cars/SUVs and the license plates were from NY, DC, and Ontario. Ontario?

We got part of our security deposit back from our landlady. Fuckin' bitch charged us for the mold. I mean, we had to live with it. We probably shouldn't even bothered trying to clean it. What a bitch. But lesson learned--no more renting condos from someone whose defense is, "No speak English," whenever she doesn't want to listen to reason. Like dealing with Ms. Swan

Tonight I had dinner with Pam and Jon at ChaPa's again. It was raining so there was no guy-watching to be had, but there were rice noodles. Flat, and kind of messy, but tasty rice noodles. The black rice pudding with bits of coconut was a really nice dessert.

This is a pic from the boat when we passed by the cone end of Governor's Island where there's supposedly hammocks. Pam and I will get to see the hammocks together next summer hopefully. Hammocks!

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