Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 25

Just got back from dinner at Romera. It was a fun/interesting experience. Will write it up in more detail at another time. Some highlights though: the owner of the Dream hotel (where the restaurant is; and omg, he was in Zoolander!) stopped by to welcome his parents and their relatives/friends, who were sitting right behind Jon. It was one of the relative/friend's birthdays, and the whole waitstaff/kitchen (except the chef it seemed) came out to sing "Happy Birthday." Guests seemed to have a good time. The food was cool, but stacked against other comparable cuisines, we've had better, so in the coming weeks, google searches will probably have lots of reviews by "foodie" types that bitch about not being allowed to take photos, the cuisine, the decor, the service, and the price. I mean, maybe it'll get better. It was only their Day 2. I don't know if I'd recommend going though. I think one should try Per Se or Le Bernardin or something like that first, since those are all kind of in the same price range. (Though the studiokitchen meals we've had have been phenomenal as far as this kind of progressive cuisine goes.) I'm happy we didn't have to fly out to Barcelona--just flew in a cab down to 16th street and back. (Btw, I've never been by the Meatpacking District so late at night and seen the CROWDS--ENORMOUS CROWDS--of club kids. It's so sad. Masses of people paying money to pay more money to drink and dance and feel like shit the next day. How illogical is that? I can do that at home. I'm doing it right now. Un-seh, un-seh, un-seh ::club beat::)

This morning I had brunch with Tina and Cristina at Jo's in Soho. It was fun and cheap. We used my Google coupon that I bought the other day. Then we went to Bloomingdales, where I got a free bag of kettle corn popcorn for looking at jeans. Yay! (They were giving out water bottles too, but I didn't want to lug it around.) Then on our way to the subway, Sabra was giving out small samples of hummus and Stacy's pita chips. Score! Tina and I walked through Macy's in Herald Square and the Banana Republic. When I came home, I bought some stuff from JCrew online because I had a gift card that expired this past Thursday, but it still worked. Double score! I bought a T-shirt that ties up in back, a dress, and a pair of boots. I intend to return the boots and dress because they weren't on sale, but I needed to get them to qualify for the free shipping and wanted to see how they fit for when they do go on sale. 

I got to wear my aunt's Gucci boots to dinner--always fun. I feel so posh when I wear them. In the restaurant they played a crazy saxophone cover of "Sunny." Man, that's a good song. Sunny!
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