Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 21

My right nostril is running on and off. It may be allergies.

I just saw two more episodes of Skins UK. I have at least five more hours of freelance to do by Friday, but I really don't want to fight the stupid comments the author has made. Why are authors so dumb? Stet (for voice). No, you ass, stet for grammar--in particular, IF you don't know how to write in proper American English, (<--comma) THEN don't mess with the copy editor. (The author has very consistently--at least--stetted the added comma for voice. It's wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Also, he keeps saying to remove the comma that denotes direct address: Hi, dumbass author.) Watching Cassie not eat and Syd being oblivious is much more satisfying.

Also, if Merriam-Webster is the copy editor's main spelling source, then why do so many copy editors spell their titles as "copyeditor"?

Socializing with people after work really makes a difference. Yesterday was so much more exciting than tonight. Maybe I should've had another dinner party tonight instead of promising myself that I'd do work.

My skin hurts--it's completely burnt. Especially my thighs, shoulders, and stomach. It's awful, but I do feel a lot less depressed about going into winter looking the same color all over like some kind of doll. Crispy tan!
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