Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 27

This was one of the shirts that I inherited somewhere (I think from my uncle) and wore with a tiny, black microskirt in seventh grade. The shirt looked kind of cool, but it was not very comfortable. I guess it's because it was manskin. 

I went to Lincoln Center after work today. I've not been there in awhile. Not since I walked out of the ballet that second time. The fountain show is really nice, and the park they finished in front of the theater playing "War Horse" is really cool. It's elegantly designed, and there seems enough seating for everyone who wants a seat. At least that's how it was when I was sitting around there tonight.

We went to ChaPa's up the block for dinner. (I'd stopped by Whole Foods for a second before I realized how bad an idea it was--there were still so many people.) ChaPa's was good. I'm not sure why there are  bad reviews about how crappy the pho broth is, etc. I think those people just ordered the wrong thing. I'd go back. As usual, Danji and Totto Ramen were packed to the gills. I've never not seen a line to Totto Ramen. Is it just really small or is it really that good?

My mom's cousin's daughter (so my third cousin) is getting married next month. Usually that side of my family just has a reception (one reception even had karaoke porn!), but she's having a church wedding (I had no idea that she was Christian--or that her fiance was) and a reception in a different borough. Brooklyn/Staten Island or vice versa. My dad's cousin's son (also a third cousin) got married last month, and his wedding is going to be on this terrible, terrible show on TLC called Four Weddings. (I wasn't invited, but I'm sort of glad I wasn't. It was a crappy Saturday, and we were packing anyway.)

On Twitter one of the things I followed was making a big deal about it being talk-like-a-pirate day. Arrgh!

Today is Nat's birthday! Nat!!
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