Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 16

This is a rose from a small handful from my PoPo's backyard that she brought over yesterday and gave to me. Note too that she carried it from her home in Queens to her friend's wake in NYC Chinatown to my apartment in midtown west. She kept them in her purse and the stems in a damp cloth. Today I thought I smelled something rosy when I was making hot chocolate, but then I scared myself thinking it was something overly metallic (poison?). Then I realized it was the blooming flower. Pungently good!

My coworker announced today that she's been three months pregnant with twins! (I feel like twins without the exclamation point is weird. "Twins." It seems ominous. "Twins!" It's exciting.)

I saw (on the five seconds I went on facebook [to find some dirt about the new editorial assistant that started today (there was no dirt)]) that my cousin Kimberly is engaged. She's my dad's cousin's daughter that just graduated from college. The one we went to the barbecue for on July 4th weekend. ENGAGED!

Happy birthday to Lakshmi too. Plus, since when is Beyonce only thirty?  I feel like she's at least five years older, and then I find out that she's thirty. Crazy! 

On my way home I was splashed by a car speeding through a make-shift river of water when I was across the street from the entrance of my apartment. My butt and everything below got soaked. There's a lot of rain today.

Umbrella ella ella. Bootylicious! Twins! 
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