Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 19

Today I busted my butt on fixing widows and tight lines and stuff, and the designer just did his own thing and created a bunch of unnecessary tight lines and more widows. WTF. I just asked him to check the dingbats and print out the next set.

I left work on time today though to get my haircut. Kazue moved from Pirka to Kiyora (like the violinist from Nodame!), and I followed her. The space is much bigger than Pirka--it's a full service salon vs. just a haircut place. It was relaxing and really nice to see Kazue. Today I learned she has an older sister and a younger sister and brother. And that her family has been to visit her here in New York once. Her parents are presumably old and they're from the farmlands of Japan. She also said that the plane ride is about fifteen hours, but I guess that's with a layover since I think a direct flight is thirteen hours. Eh, I could be wrong. I like my haircut. It was a hard decision to cut it since I've been having really good hair days this week. But it was better now than later.

On my way to get a haircut, I saw someone hail an ambulance. At least that's what I thought was happening. It seemed that a man collapsed, and an ambulance was called. So the guy on the street was really just telling the ambulance where to stop. The man on the ground didn't look good. But there was already a small crowd around him. There was nothing I could do. He was pale. I hope he's okay.

After my haircut, I walked up to City Bakery and got a chocolate chip cookie and walked northwest to the 23rd street CE. My cookie was gone and the sun was going to set soon. 

We're going down the shore this weekend. NYC. 9/11. Peace?

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