Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 20

Today we had our first dinner guests: Dani and Pam. Jon cleaned the apartment while I was sleeping last night, and since Dani wasn't on call and Pam decided not to go to the gym today, they came over to see the new digs.

I went to D'Agostino around the block from my apartment after work since dealing with the craziness at Whole Foods sort of ruins my day. At D'Agostino I picked up a small ball of mozzarella. As I learned from my trip to Whole Foods when I bought grated cheese for $12, I looked at the total price, and the mozzarella ball was going for $0.01. That's right. A penny. I was thinking that it must be wrong, but the next one I picked up was also a penny. And the next one and the next. Finally I found one that was going for $5, which made a lot more sense, but I took a chance with that cent ball. It wasn't until Dani came that I thought to check the receipt to see what it actually rang up as. The receipt said $0.01. Oh good fortune in cheese! So after dinner, Jon, Pam, Dani, and I went to D'Agostino and found at least eight additional one cent balls. And we picked up some other grocery items to, you know, maybe hide the cheese price and just because we were in a market. What can I say? We are bad ass NYers. Jon rang up his stuff (well a woman named Bertha did), and Dani rang up her stuff (Bertha did), but when it was my balls that Bertha rang up, her computer froze and basically asked her if what she was actually ringing up was balls of mozzarella. That's when our cheese fortune ended. She made Dani give back two of her three balls. Same with mine. Pam had one ball and was only charged a cent even after Bertha let all the cashiers and managers and stock boy know the mozzarella ball mistake. I guess it was nice that they weren't mean or ridiculous about our cheese balls. Balls.

The happier highlight of the evening was that Dani brought macarons from Laduree: pistachio, chocolate, vanilla, and raspberry. They were amazingly delicious! We all agreed that each flavor had something great to recommend itself. We need to try more flavors now. Macarons!
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