Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 8

IRENE! Find the apartments with the taped-up windows.

Our building us shutting down the elevators at midnight.

This morning Jon and I went to City Lights Diner and got a huge delicious diner breakfast. It didn't have a TV, which was pretty nice. I feel a lot of establishments have TVs nowadays. Then we took a nap and made a small attempt to unpack our apt. Small, like tiny. We ate leftovers from M. Wells and the diner. We have some other food to pick at. I think everything/everyone should be fine as long as a) electricity runs b) water runs c) we avoid being crushed to death like the poor souls who have died due to this hurricane already. Prayers and hope for the next few days that this is just something we were just overprepared and overhyped for.

Earthquake today near Albany (2.9).

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