Monday, January 12, 2009

Goals: Week 3

So I totally slacked off on my blog and my goals for the end of the year. We spent from December 22 to January 1 in New Jersey, and I barely had a functioning computer to work on. The holidays were fun though. Jon and I spent a lot of it watching Pam's recommended Japanese show Nodame Cantabile (the live action one) and a Japanese show about a food detective called Kuitan. Jon and I heart Nodame and Chiaki so much! I will post a review in due time about how much I love Nodame Cantabile as well as all the other Japanese shows Jon and I are currently watching.

Anyway, this is the first week of the New Year (for this list)! I hope to accomplish or start working on the following:

1) Put away all the laundry. So it's still on the list. (I didn't even have to change that sentence from the c/p. I just added the italics.) I really have to just put it away already as my previous posts mentions that it's becoming a bit of a nightmare.
2) Make my dad a birthday cake. For his 50th I made the most beautiful chocolate cake with glossy ganache frosting. Last year I made Napoleons that weren't as pretty or delicious. This year maybe I'll try a Boston cream cake or another kind of chocolate cake. Maybe something to look like a Hostess cupcake, but with a better cream filling. He likes those.
3) Email people. I feel really out of touch. Promise ring or not, it's really shitty when people live their lives and things are happening and you find out from Facebook. I mean c'mon. Besides what would be even shittier is to not at least try to see what is up with people that according to ettiquette I should invite to the wedding. That and I totally owe people well-overdue emails.
Edit at least some pages of Grandpa's book. The thing is that it is on the "old computer," which I have to learn how to access.
5) Work on designing the reception card/directions. So I have the luxe cream paper from Papersource, and I'm pretty happy with the way the main invitation came out, but I'm confused about how to make it seem like a nice and neat package without a kind of folder (which would add another buck to the overall invitation and--if it were me--thrown out). Hopefully, I'll have the suite done so I can ask Stefanie to proof it soon.
Read more pages of Infinite Jest. Still reading it. Though I just finished Good In Bed, while in Florida. It was sort of a ridiclous book.
7) Use the awesome library card. I want to check out the crappy Meg Cabot book I was reading online and figure out if I can stomach calligraphing my own stationery.
8) Figure out how to get to the Mall by 5AM on Inauguration Day. Out of the 80K that supposedly signed up, I was chosen as one of the 13K that gets to freeze their ass off (minus those chosen for indoor activities like the balls). As the Huffington Post, or whatever article I found, reported, the volunteers all got red hats with some special inauguration day embroidery.
9) Find something awesome for Babo for the baby shower this Saturday.
10) Adjust schedule with P.Diddy.
11) Figure out readings for wedding.
12) Finish four things on this list because I have to.
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