Monday, January 19, 2009

Goals: Week 4

1) Put away all the laundry. I'm just a tiny bit closer with the cleaner closet.
2) Get to the Mall for the inauguration by 5AM. Volunteer. Do a good job.
3) Email people...and try to get a freelance project soon.
Edit some pages of Grandpa's book.
5) Work on designing the graphics for the reception card/directions. Need a phat line drawing of a city and a farm. And while I have a city, I'd be essentially plagiarizing it from some lady's website, which I'd rather not do.
Read more pages of Infinite Jest. Maybe just touch the book this week.
7) Go to the library. If I go to the books, the books might come to me.
8) Finish two things on this list. I'm giving myself a break this week because of the whole waking up and freezing thing. I think I may get sick, though I'm going to hold off putting up as a goal.
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