Monday, January 19, 2009


It's so weird that the day I've been expecting for awhile is now only a few hours away. That is the presidential inauguration. At around 4AM, I hope, a cab will pick me up to take me to the train station so that I may get a train to L'Enfant by the Mall where I will meet up with my volunteer group for the inauguration by 5AM. My assignment (to dispense information if information is needed) is by the second jumbotron on the mall by 6th Street. I hope I don't freeze to death.

Anyway, on this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day/Day of Service, I cleaned up our closet and a bit of the rest of the bedroom. It felt quite productive. For over a year, we've had the last two boxes from our move sitting in our closet falling apart.

I went to Target to get some storage items. It snowed a little bit earlier today and just a little stuck, so when I left there was snow, but by the time I got out of Target, it was a sun/snow shower. Very pretty--and in the sun it was warm. Hopefully, that will be the case for tomorrow.

At Target, I got a 4 and 5 drawer plastic storage unit to put my purses/gloves/scarves, etc. in, and 7 plastic bins for T-shirts and sweaters for the shelves in our closets. I need to buy some more, but I'm happy that they fit (I have a tendency to buy and hope for the best). Hopefully, our closet will stay organized for a long time. Now I can seriously tackle the clothes around the rest of the room. (Our clean laundry has been piled in an odd semi-circle around our room.) The quest to put away the clothes continues.

Anyway: Fired Up! Ready to Go!
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