Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Goals: Week 5

The Internet is acting way wacky, but I thought I'd write this up quickly.

Email people back...
Edit some more pages of Jon's Grandpa's autobiography. It's kind of difficult to think with the construction going on around here...it seems like they're building a whole new apartment across the way...sounds like it anyway.
3) Work on designing the graphics for the invitations. The thing that Jon was supposed to do didn't work out. I think I'm going to try a few versions of some other things so that we can decide on the best one.
Read more pages of Infinite Jest. Crap. I didn't even touch the book last week. It's a perfect day for reading. I could turn on the fake fire place and all, but with the construction, I'd much rather do something more mindless so I can forget about the banging and scraping.
5) Go to the library. I'm resolved to go this week...most likely towards the end of this week though because of the snow.
6) Write up blogs regarding the inauguration and other blogs with the photos I have.
7) Make $5 this week.
8) Finish three things on this list.
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