Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Katherine's Hepburn's Pants at the NYPL

I love, love, love living in Manhattan.
It's disgustingly expensive to live here
(did you see the article about the middle class in the NYTimes?)
but there is so much free stuff!

Unfortunately, the headache of getting into or out of the city
from anywhere else in the world 
to take advantage of this stuff 
is usually not worth it.

I'm saying that if you're in town,
it's awesome, but asking someone to trek in
is kind of asking a lot.

Take this Katherine Hepburn exhibit
 at the NYPL in Lincoln Center
for example.

It was free, and it was wonderful because it was free.
Definitely a must-see if you were around and had a half hour to stop in.

Though, most people would probably prefer making an effort to see 
an Audrey Hepburn costume exhibit, I'm sure.

Still, Katherine was adorable 
in her crazy accent/pants-wearing ways.
Her costumes in her plays and movies weren't as beautiful,
but they helped create her memorable characters.

Other stuff, like sketches of herself, and a Dorothy Parker review
of her play (Dottie hated it) were nice touches.

It's hard to tell if I'd be able to fit into her clothing.
Some seemed too long for my stature,
some seemed too small for my waist.
Others seemed huge.

I feel like the pants display would be a good campaign for Gap 
or maybe an older women's clothing store.
They should make replica pants.
These are cute, especially since pleated pants,
aren't the worst things in the world any longer.

By the way how cute is that hat?
Pinterest wish list that baby.
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