Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Present for Someone Turning Thirty *or Whatever Age

Last year my friend Charleen turned thirty,
and for her birthday
I got a little inspired with the gift-card holder that
I got with a gift-card purchase at Anthropologie.

(By the way, she was getting married later in the year,
so I wasn't being weirdly pushy about it or anything.)

I thought this might be a little inspirational to someone
who's thinking of what to get someone turning thirty,
especially since a ton of us are coming of that age this year.

What's that?

Oh, I mean, we're turning twenty-five!
Ew, thirty is, like, so old.

I guess that for whatever age
this nifty little gift works for a variety of people.
Who doesn't like lists to ponder?
And gift-card money to spend?
I'm sure cash would work well too.

If you do find yourself making one of these,
let me know how it goes!
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