Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Last Year's Dumpling Party

Around this time last year, we had a dumpling party.

There was a small ordeal in actually finding the wonton wrappers
above 14th Street and on the west side,
but I overcame that obstacle after visiting a handful of stores.

We filled dumplings with different ratios of shrimp, pork, and beef.

And shaped them freestyle.

There were quite a few dumplings made
that night.
There were quite a lot of us to make them, thankfully.

Jon's roasted sweet Japanese potatoes
with fancy aged balsamic.
Mmm . . . appetizer.

Jon's homemade seafood broth, homemade garlic soy sauce,
shiitake, and greens, and all that good stuff.
With a freshly made soft boiled egg.

Dessert was leftover corn cookies
with a dab of ice cream
and a bit of citrus on the side.

It was sandwiched and dusted with extra corn flour.

Dani brought flan.
(So delicious!)

Pam brought cupcakes from Chikalicious.
(So delicious too!)

That was a really fun evening,
though I don't think everyone enjoyed eating the dumplings
as much as they enjoyed making them.
At least there were a ton of desserts!
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