Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jeff Koon's Tulips in Bilbao and New York City

Jeff Koons is a kind of strange-but-interesting man.
Did you see him on Colbert?

We saw one of his Tulips pieces in Bilbao
when were were at the Guggenheim in 2010.

Created in an edition of five versions, 
his later work Tulips (1995–2004) 
consists of a bouquet of multicolor balloon flowers 
blown up to gargantuan proportions 
(more than 2 m (6.6 ft) tall and 5 m (16 ft) across).*

That's us there
in the tulip balloons.

It was a really cool museum.

In November, I passed by this weird thing in front of Christie's
on my way to lunch.
I thought that was the piece--
wrapped up balls--
which was a bit avant garde for Christie's.

But then I passed by it on my way
to something in Rock Center later that evening,
and I came across this instead.

And it was pretty cool
on water
since the reflections were not only on the balloons,
but also in the water.
The windows across the street were especially making this piece all shiny. 

Jon's former coworker's girlfriend
works at Christie's.
Her job is arranging this stuff,
and this piece in particular was challenging according to her,
since Koons wanted it on ice.

We had a really nice and warm November,
so ice would've been dumb.
The little puddle was just perfect for it.

Fun fact:
The largest sum known to be paid for a work by Koons 
is Tulips, 
which was sold for US $33,682,500 (£21,219,975) 
at Christie's New York 
on November 14, 2012 
(Lot 35) in the Post-War & Contemporary Art Evening Sale.*

It's pretty cool that I saw it
just hanging outside of my office
on the sidewalk
like a bum.
All $33,682,500 of it.

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