Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

Jon, Dani, Hetal, and I celebrated the last minutes of 2012
and the first minutes of 2013 in Central Park,
watching the Road Runner's fireworks--like what Jon and I did last year.

The girls were funny--they asked me what they did last year 
(because I have the memory of an elephant and the deductive skills of the Mentalist):
Dani was coming home from working a crazy ER shift at the hospital.
Hetal was in Vermont.

It was pretty cold.
Definitely not fifty degrees out or anything like last year.
(The best purchase I made in all of 2012
was this superwarm white puffy coat.)

This is what we looked like in 2012.

This is what we looked like at the beginning of 2013.

The fireworks seemed like it was set further back this year,
so we walked toward it.

I love this guy.

I also went on Google Hangouts
and tried hanging out with anyone who seemed to be online.
I hung out with Dom and his friends at his apartment for a bit,
then we got disconnected, 
and I hung out with Wee and Chris for a good part 
of the duration of the firework show.
It was fun!

No crazy incidents to report.

Well, actually . . . Hetal did accidentally fall.
It's been the first time since high school that it was the three of us,
and she just dropped.
(She does that.)
But she was wearing my red Keds,
instead of her five-inch-heel stilettos,
so it sort of makes sense.
And the sidewalk was a bit uneven.

This was the first new year's we spent together in like ten years.
It was crazy awesome.
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