Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our New Year's Eve Party/Homeland Season 2 Marathon

The spread from Dickson's Farmstand Meats.
Spicy mustard!
Rillette of deliciousness (meat under a thick layer of fat--that you don't eat)!
Apricot chutney!

Let me introduce the meats more intimately:

This is lonza.
Delicate and salty,
like a thin prosciutto.

This is ham.
Thicker, bolder tasting,
but still like prosciutto.

Hetal also brought some delicious chicken spring roll things
that her mom gave her to bring over.
It's a new product at Sam's Club.
It was actually a great complement to the cold platter.

Hetal, Dani, Jon, and I watched season 2 of Homeland on NYE
and New Year's Day.

That's about 12 hours of TV.
An hour per episode.
12 episodes.
Yeah--we did it.
It was quite the journey.
Some of us even fell asleep.

The photo above demonstrates one of our many frank conversations
about Saul possibly being killed off
since we'd heard that someone was going to die.
Well, Hetal was convinced that the big death of the season was going to be Brody,
so she wasn't too concerned about Saul.

At some point our Fresh Direct arrived,
and Jon cooked us up a quick spaghetti bolognese.
I really enjoyed the spaghetti he picked up from Chelsea Market.
Really thick strands and lots of texture for the gravy to cling to.
He's such a good husband.

And Dani brought desserts!
Bombolini from Sullivan Street Bakery
and cupcakes from Amy's Bread.
Mmm, mmm, mmm!

She told us that in Croatia she eats bombolini for breakfast.
I want to go to Croatia.

Back to watching Homeland 
like it's our job,
making sure Saul doesn't fucking die.

We took a break to walk up to Central Park and watch the fireworks
and ring in the new year.
We watched episode 6 with champagne.
It was all good.
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