Friday, January 4, 2013

Hetal's 2012 Christmas Tree-Trimming Party!

Hetal had a fun Christmas tree decorating party a few weeks ago.
The tree only fell twice while we were there.
(It fell once a few days later.
I have to find the metal stand my parents have for next year.)

I crocheted a little fish ornament for her.
I used a narwhal pattern without the horn and flattened it
and the tail looks nothing like the pattern actually.

Rana lobster ravioli.

Rana vegetable ravioli.

These were all really delicious.
We're all really grateful that it opened up in Chelsea to satisfy
our pasta needs.

Hetal also made these phyllo dough with spinach and goat cheese tartlets.
So cute!
And so delicious!

She also made a large tart with cheese and veggies
that was impressive and very tasty.

Crazy Christmas socks.

Hetal's three-year-old nephew, Jaden,
decorated most of the tree.
And mostly in the same area of the tree.
(See the first photo for comparison.)

It was a great night of catching up with old friends and new,
hanging out with Jaden,
drinking Dani's dad's delicious homemade wine,
eating very well,
and all that good holiday stuff
you can't do any other time of year.
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