Monday, January 14, 2013

My Dad's Superawesome Birthday

The birthday boy,
showing off his muscles.
He's going to the gym nowadays!

He loves the mask.

In addition to the magic candles as a kind of entertainment--
I love the Daddy face--
my mom played the happy birthday song on her ukelele.
She got it all right,
but she needs to practice a bit more,
so there aren't any eight beat rests between notes.
Also my daddy's belly,
when it's jiggling from laughing with my mom
at her efforts,
doesn't make the best music stand.

For dinner we had tons of paella and shrimp with green sauce
from our go-to Spanish restaurant in the belly of Hudson County.

We failed getting/making him a cake,
but these roll cakes from Mitsuwa
were very close to yodels.

Someday soon you elusive yodel cake,
you will be made!
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