Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chris's Keens Delicious Awesome Birthday

For Chris's birthday,
we went to Keens Steakhouse.

It was delicious.

Our takeaway bag sits on our pile of bags,
and Jon reminisces about how good his mutton chop was
every time he sees it.

Wee and Chris asked if we were interested in getting appetizers,
and I was like,
you don't understand how big your steak's going to be.
Let's just order them. 

Chris's steak was about the size of Wee.

Wee's is about the size of her torso.

Dom's the size of his head.

I couldn't even get Jon and his mutton chop in the same frame.

That was like the size of Wee and Dom when they were
in my mom's uterus.

These photos are terribly dark,
but I got a huge delicious steak that I ate the next day too.

Sides! Mmm. The best.

A bibble.
Mmm. Sooo good!
What's a bibble?
Strawberries and cherries and sugar
with some
(say it with me in a South Park voice)

A takeaway bag.
That's what we looked like afterward.

And then we found a hat on Chris's car
because it was parked outside of a bar on the street.

A lewd hat.

Is that boobs on a butt?

That's definitely boobs.

Perhaps this was foreshadowing their engagement
the following weekend?
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