Friday, January 11, 2013

Al Hirschfeld's Secret Hiding Spot

Tucked under the steps, 
like a kid wizard,
is a display of Al Hirschfeld's desk and chair.

On display is a rotating print of his work--
unfortunately this is a crappy photo,
so you can't really see what's on the page here.

The chair is like an old barber's seat
but even more optimized for absolute comfort.
The desk is marvelously old and loved.

I remember being so confused about who Al Hirschfeld was
when I was twenty-one.
I was at Alfredo's
with a publisher and editor
for whom I'd been interning,
and it was my good-bye lunch/happy college graduation lunch.
They were talking about Al Hirschfeld and Ninas.
I nodded and smiled and played my quiet-but-wise-beyond-her-years card.
I think it worked.

The first time I was at Alfredo's--
sometime earlier in college--
I hadn't even noticed the Hirschfelds.

His worked is tucked away almost everywhere.
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