Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Obika's Delicious Balls

The other day
Jon and I went to Obika,
the NYC branch of an Italian mozzarella bar.

So we obviously got the mozzarella sampler:
Classico: Good
Ricotta: Delicious! (Get this one)
Burrata: So creamy, but needed salt

(They ran out of the roasted mozzarella.
We need to get that next time.)

And we got the crostini:
Ndjua and mascarpone: So good!
Capers and peppers: Needed more pepper flavor
Tomatoes: Good

It was off to the side of one of NYC's public spaces.
It was like alfresco dining, but indoors.
A big Italian family sat near us.
It felt like we were in Italy.

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