Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dino Dinner and Di(n)o-ramas

Chicken-nugget dinosaurs are the most fun food to eat.
They are also delicious.
When faced with the dilemma of something to eat,
these are our go-to meat from D'ag.

The other night,
I picked some of these bad boys up and . . . 

. . . made some dioramas!

These dinos are hanging out by a tree.
Jon says that the T-rex is watching the other dinosaurs
fatten up on the tree
before eating them.

Little does does the T-rex know,
though, he'll be eaten!

This is a dead brontosaurus
that would normally become a fossil,
but didn't,
because I ate it.

This was a quick meal:
dinosaurs - ten minutes or so in the toaster oven
(yes, Dani, the toaster oven!)
broccoli - twenty minutes or so in the toaster oven
mushroom cous cous - five minutes
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